Memory of Myanmar - Moving Forward, Looking Backward

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners / Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí ČR

The project „Memory of Myanmar“ seeks to support the democratization of Burma/Myanmar by conserving the oral memories of key witnesses who personally experienced the country‘s past times of oppression as political prisoners. These testimonies will serve as an audiovisual archive to prevent that knowledge about these periods will fall into oblivion , making sure that future generations will be able to understand these events, to gain inspiration and to learn how to prevent anything similar from happening again. An edited part of these videos will also be made available with translations on the online platform Memory of Nations and as a documentary. The project is carried out in cooperation between Burma Center Prague as main implementor and Post Bellum and the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) as partners who will provide trainings, consultation and technical infrastructure and who will conduct the interviews and process the recordings. The one-year project is planned as a pilot for subsequent activities that would extend the group of witnesses to a larger group.

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For other information contact Viktor Portel from Post Bellum.