Aung Kyaw Moe (aka) Bo Tauk

* 1964

  • BO TAUK SECOND CLIP The date I was arrested was 20 november 1989. At my house. The entrance door was locked. From the entrance a shouting comes "Is there Bo Tauk?". It was over midnight. I switched on light in the room, looked at the entrance. A car, a jeep was parked there. I saw 3 or 4 men shouting and saying "We come here to take you just for a moment as we have something to ask you". So I put on my jean jacket and half-opened the entrance gate. They came in and told my mum "We take him just for a while to ask some questions and then bring him back". They said like that. Since our town is small, I know who they are. From MI 3. Than Lwin, Toe Lay. From MI. Without any resistance I came along. They took me to an MI office in Nyaung Lay Pin. As soon as we get there, they handcuffed me. They did not handcuff me at home. They made me sit there and interrogated around 3 days.more than 3 days. They made me sit down and began interrogation. It was the same the first time too. I was treated in same way first and second time. First time the place MI 3 took me was not a brick office but a room in wooden house. They handcuffed me from behind, did not blindfold. At that time they put down documents in front of me. The interrogator was local MI in-charge Than Lwin. Behind him there were his subordinates. At that time MIs and informers were busy. At one point during the interrogation He raised a question by pointing out a part of my statement saying "enemy's weapons must turn to be ours. Farmers must fight for their right by themselves". At this point we engaged in confrontation. Then people behind me started beating me. Being angry I stood up and said "it is absurd to handcuff someone and challenge him to grab a gun". He felt offended. That is why they start beating me from behind. I did not see those beating from behind. That was first time. It was not that bad, just random beating. They sent me to Nyaung Lay Pin detention. I stayed there for four months. By the end of 4 month period I was taken to Bago military court on 20 march 1990 and convicted. I was released from Thayet prison by end of 1994, in January 1995. I stayed there for 4 years. We sustained terrible weather there. There was no running water for bathing. We had to fetch water from a ground well. Under afternoon sun around 12 pm to 3 pm our comrades had to fetch water. In the afternoon the sun was hot, we had to put wet sarong around the body. In cold season we could not sleep at midnight. When we were transferred to Thayet prison, discharged from boat/ship to a truck loaded with 100 prisoners, the truck get there, we don't know how we reached to the ground beaten and kicked out from the truck. They beat us shouting "there you are" and kept beating along the way. It was a kind of demoralizing political prisoners on the arrival to prison. As I stayed there 4 years, there are a lot of bitter memories. I was released in January 1995, I served full sentence : 5 years. No remission was granted.

  • My political name is Ko Bo Tauk and my real name is Ko Aung Kyaw Moe. My Father name is U Tin Mya and my mother name is Daw Tin Myint. I was born on 14 June 1964. After 1988 Military Coup, I worked as a member of Student Union of Nyaung Lay Pin Township and I was also a township secretary of New Society Party. At that time, student army and students from ABSDF were going in the armed revolt approach and I helped those enthusiastic people in my region to let them join to the armed fights/struggle. When I was serving those duties, acquiring problem was happened in those farming lands around Nyaung Lay Pin. It was because of SLORC government’s town expansion plans. It was implemented in every town across the country and they acquired farming lands besides those cities and towns. Although it was socialist system, there was land acquisition law and we forced the government to undertake farming land acquisition according to the legislation. I connected with Ko Thet Tun, Ko Ye Naing Aung and Moe Thee Zun who are the leaders of New Society Party and Kyaw Win Thein, my childhood friend, was also a central committee member of New Society Party of Kyauk Ta Gar, Phyu and Daik U townships. Since, they all were working at the central committee, I was doing the campaigns in cities and towns located at lower part of Myanmar and then I was imprisoned.

Physically not perfect but struggled for emergence of a perfect country

Aung Kyaw Moe (aka) Bo Tauk spent more than 4 years in Insein and Tha Yet Prisons as a political prisoner. He is suffering from Hepatitis C and now taking the treatment. Aung Kyaw Moe (aka) Bo Tauk was born in Nyaung Lay PinCity, Bago Region on 14 June 1964. He studied until grade 10. During 1988 Uprising, he was a steering committee member of Students’ Union of Nyaung Lay Pin City. After military coup, he was serving as (Township General Secretary of) New Society Party and arrested (for the first time) on 20 November 1989. He was sentenced to (5) years imprisonment on 20 March 1990 by No. 1, Court-Martial, Bago. He was released from Tha Yet Prison in January 1995. He was arrested for the second time in (December 1998 or 1999) and freed after 9 days interrogation made by military intelligence.