Aung Myo Thein

* 1968

  • KO AUNG MYO THEIN SECOND CLIP On 1 August 1989 at South Okkalar junction, in front of Padethar market at post office bus stop I was arrested by Captain Kyaw Zin Thet from MI 7, gun pointed at/in the head. Right after the arrival I was beaten from the neck down to the ankle repeatedly in countless number. It took 18 days. I was tortured continuously and could not sleep well. I was scolded and called by names for sitting. They made me sit, stand up and walk. I could not even get access to drinking water. I was convicted 8 years imprisonment by military court no 5. I was released after serving full term without remission granted. My watch and wallet with money was seized on the arrest.I claimed back on release without success. I was arrested being blindfolded, hands tied with rope at the back. I was pulled up by both hands and pushed against the wall and beaten in the backfrom the neck down to heel. When the back was hit I bend down and fell, I could not resist anymore. I was taken to a unknown place. My head was pushed down. I could not get it straight. Hair pulled up and head pushed down. They used tricks, played psycho games. By saying "down, down" they made me to take step over even though there was nothing. I dared to reach out my leg. I tried to resist not to bend down my head. They pushed down further, beat the back and forced me to bend down. I was arrested on 1 August 1989 around 10 am and taken to MI 7. I was hit in the middle tip of the chest, blindfolded with hands tied from the back. They challenged to fight and hit me in the face, slapped. I could not remember how many times I was hit in the chest. I could not breathe well. It took place in a small room by 8 feet..10 feet width. It lasted in total 18 days. When I asked the date on arrival to Insein prison, I was told it was 1 August. Arrested on 18 August. Detained for 18 days. Day and night at any time when I was awake, they opened the door and suddenly rushed in and beat me. They called me by names and hit me all over the body. I got my ear and nose cut, bleeding. Without any warning, any signal they ran in unexpectedly, shouted swear words and beat. At first when after completion of my interrogation I was allowed to unfold/uncover the eyes, I saw them in military uniform and a sergeant. Until I got to Insein prison, I could not sleep well. I had to sit at the table without a sleep. I had to drink only a cup of water a day, not enough. I could not easily go to pee. No tooth brushing, no washing the face. Nothing was allowed during 18 days. No nail cut. When I respond to their questions, they said "until we got the right answer, we won't beat you to death, we keep on interrogation until you die. It has never been a question that we can not make you to admit. If situation gets worse, we take you to hospital and get you treated. When it gets better, we bring you back to interrogate until we get it right. It is not a serious injury, just a cut, bruises, nose cut, minor injury with bleeding." Military court no 5 sentenced me 8 years imprisonment under section 17/2, 5(j). No explanation was given. No argument allowed. No access to a lawyer. Contact with lawyer denied. Nothing. Family contact, right to self-defense and to a lawyer rejected. We stayed there more than 6 and half years, on the concrete floor causing pain in bones and joints worsened by weather. Pain in bones and joints was permanent. Duration: 04:39

  • My name is Ko Aung Myo Thein and I don’t have other name. My father name is U Myint Thein and my mother name is Daw Mya Mya Thwal. My date of birth is 3 August 1968. Before I get caught, I worked for consolidation of Upper Burma Midland Student Alliance Front. I have seen workers’ demonstration since I was grade 1 student at B.E.H.S (6), Botahtaung. When we had a short break, workers were demonstrating at the corner of Secretariat Building. I saw that the army took position of six soldiers in a row on Bo Gyoke Street and shot with the gun. I explained to my dad what happened on that night and I was interested in politics to fight them back when I get older. My father was arrested in 1962 and I heard that it was related to bombing of students’ union building. I have seen the army opened fired on people. On 26 August 1988, a student group chased and raped Students’ Union and took advantage. At that time, I was a persuader of Student Organization. I immediately went to Bahan Township and talked with students. There were 48 groups in total in all townships. All the 48 groups were united and I worked as a persuader. Military destroyed us since Min Ko Naing (Paw Oo Tun) was arrested at 1989 Student Conference held in Mandalay. They arrested because we made students such united.

A person who claimed commitment since childhood to topple down against the authoritarian regime

Ko Aung Myo Thein spent more than (6) years in Insein Prison as a political prisoner. Torture during interrogation, weather and concrete floor in the prison left him paralyzed. Ko Aung Myo Thein was born in Yangon in 1968. During 1988 Uprising, Ko Aung Myo Thein was a second year student specialized in Mathematics and he also participated in All Burma Federation of Student Unions, Alliance for Democratic Solidarity, All Burma Students’ Democratic Front. No.7, Military Intelligence arrested him on 1.8.1989 due to the opening of military training and planning for guerrilla training. Interrogation in No. 7, Military Intelligence took 18 days. Then, he was sent to Insein Prison. No. 5 Court-Martial sentenced him to (8) years imprisonment. He was released from Insein Prison on 15.12.1995. Currently, he is jobless as he is paralyzed. Therefore, he relies on his family for living.