Khin Maung Win (aka) Aung Chit

* 1958  

  • My name in N.R.C is Khin Maung Win. My code name is called Aung Chit when I am doing politics. My father is U Khin Maung and my mother is Daw Khin Tint. I was born on 3 November 1958. We have Groups and all these Groups are formed only with students. We are doing the political activities based on these Groups. I was involved in UG of Burma Communist Party. I was arrested on 20 July 1989. It was one day after the Martyrs’ Day and I heard that Daw Su was arrested on the same day too. At that time, I was working at Insein Locomotive Workshop as Supervisor. On that day, I was coming to the workshop and I arrived at around 7 am. Normally, they gave Gate Pass for every entrance and exit but they said all the Gate Passes were prohibited just 15 minutes before I went back. They didn’t say why. It was unusual and something strange. We had intercom in the workshop and manager called me through it. So, I went there and about six person were sitting beside manager and it seems they were military intelligence. I reported to manager upon my arrival and military intelligence asked me whether I have other name or not. I refused and he said “is that Aung Chit is you?” I admitted that it was me. Then, he asked whether I know Dr. Nay Win and I answered yes. Therefore, they told that they will take me with them. I asked “how long” and they said “they will send me back by evening.” I asked for my manager’s approval and he allowed me to go with them. So, I followed them. After crossing Insein flyover bridge, they let me walk from the front and they were carrying bags. They were walking from my back. There was no one either on the bridge or at the Insein railways station. I knew that I was taken by MI but I wasn’t afraid at all because I believe that I have done the right thing. I had a clear decision that I will take all the punishments if it was wrong. Therefore, I calmly followed them and there were four light trucks stopped at the bottom of the railways station slope. They asked me to get in. When I was on the light truck, they handcuffed my hand behind my back and put the hood over my head. So, I couldn’t see anything. At that time, they were insulting me from beside me and told me as messy guy and destroying guy for the country. Then, they kicked me on the truck and took me somewhere. But I am very familiar with Insein area and, so, I knew where they are heading. They stopped by at intelligence (9). They stopped and left me there for a while. At night, they took me again but I didn’t know the place since they they were heading to Mingalardon. I thought it was Yay Kyi Aing. We arrived to Yay Kyi Aing around 9 pm and send me to the detention. Upon my arrival, they took 2 pictures from the front view and side view. There was no investigation at that night. I was alone in the detention room which was built with wood and the room size is 8 ft x 12 ft. It was dark. When I was sleeping, they said who allow you to sleep. When I was standing up, they said who allow you to stand up and who order you to do that. When I was laying down, they said again. They told me every 15 minutes and I couldn’t do anything whether sleeping, sitting or standing up. If I was walking, they insulted me too. I thought they was good and I understand that it was Mental Torture. It is also understandable that there was Physical Torture as I couldn’t stay in any position due to their interruption.

Soft and gentle but firm in belief

Ko Aung Chit (aka) Ko Khin Maung Win is a former government employee and he worked at Myanma Railways, Locomotive Workshop (Insein) as a Supervisor. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for his engagements as a UG of Burma Communist Party and he was detained in 3 prisons from 1989 to 1997. He was freed due to torture during interrogation and poor health care service in the prison. Now, he is suffering from heart arrhythmia, hypertension and paralysis. Ko Aung Chit (aka) Ko Khin Maung Win was born in Phyu, Bago Region on 3 November 1958. His parents are U Khin Maung and Daw Khin Tint. He is the third one among five brothers and sisters. He has one elder brother, one elder sister and two younger brothers. He attended Bago Regional College and then hardly passed the admission to attend RIT. He received B.E (Mechanical) Degree in 1986. He started communicating with Burma Communist Party since this third year YIT student life. Starting from 1986, he hardly published the documents and spread them at markets, schools and universities to promote public awareness on politics and to remove one party dictatorship system. Therefore, military intelligence detained him at Insein locomotive workshop on 20 July 1989. He was interrogated very intensely in Yay Kyi Eain for 25 days and charged at Insein Prison Court under section 5(j), 17 (1) (2) and 10 (a). He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. He spent almost 8 years in Insein Prison, Mandalay Palace Prison and Mandalay Obo Prison from 1989 to 1997. Now, he opens stationary and journal retailing shop in Phyu. He is suffering from paralysis and surviving very poorly.