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Khin Maung Win (aka) Aung Chit (* 1958)

Soft and gentle but firm in belief

Ko Aung Chit (aka) Ko Khin Maung Win stayed against Burma Socialist Programme Party (One Party Dictatorship System) since his student life. Starting from 1986, he secretly worked as a member of Burma Communist Party. He was involved in 8888 Uprising which was occurred due to education system collapse, currency notes withdrawal and poverty of the people. Therefore, military intelligence detained him at Insein locomotive workshop in July 1989. Then, he was interrogated and tortured seriously in Yay Kyi Eain Interrogation Camp. He was not allowed to sleep during interrogation and abused him violently every (15) minutes. He asked permission to go to toilet and drank toilet water as they did not provide him food or water. During interrogation, the whole body was beaten and kicked, forced to stay by putting hands and legs laterally (so called airplane riding), forced to stay by bending legs (so called motorbike riding), tortured by putting spikes under feet and they did not provide medical treatment for the wounds caused by their torture. He was sent to solitary confinement and put him in foot cuffs for discovery of documents in prison. He was forced to transfer from Mandalay Palace Prison to New Obo Prison while construction was not done yet.  It impacted on his health as he was forced to sleep on the floor mat putting on the moist concrete floor. They also threatened him that they would destroy his family situation by firing his elder and younger brothers from Zayyawaddy Liquor Factory and Phyu Township Auditor Office respectively. After he spent 2 years in jail, his father heard about him and passed away.  

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