Thet Oo

* 1964

  • Thet Oo's wife - Pyone Pyone Aye – First Clip My name is Pyone Pyone Aye. To talk about family, I have three daughters, May Chit Oo is the eldest, Khin Cho Oo the middle and Yin New Ooo the youngest. My husband is Ko Thet Oo. He got involved in political field since around 87-88 after marriage. Me and my daughters ran a retail shop and I taught children. He was taking part in politics. I was not aware of his involvement. Then he was arrested in 1997. I was arrested too for keeping his documents. By that time the eldest daughter was in grade 7, the middle in grade 4 and the youngest in kinder garden. They were left behind with my mother and mother-in-law. My mother died in july 1998. I was not informed about her death and did not have a chance to take a last look. My mother-in-law paid me prison interview visit and took care of children. I was released in October 2003. Even though I was sentenced 7 years, I stayed more than 7 years. After release, I had to struggle for my daughters' schooling, I ran a shop to support their education. I had to see Ko Thet Oo for prison visits. I think he was released in 2011. He stayed in prison for more than 15 years. After release he is still involved in it. Now my children are graduated, got married. So we are living on our own. I took part in the prayer campaign for Daw Su's release and then joined campaigns organized by Min Ko Naing and other political movements. I had to hide and flee. I don't know how my mother thinks since she passed away. My mother-in-law did not say anything or my daughters did not either. It was because their own mother and father were unfairly imprisoned. The reason was that I kept Ko Thet Oo's documents. During the interrogation MI (military intelligence) blamed me for not telling what Thet Oo did. It was one charge. Another reason was that they were looking for Ko Thet Oo and it was like if they arrest husband, they arrest wife too and sentence 7 years. In fact they could have released me. At that time I did not have any record of involvement. Frankly speaking I was unfairly prosecuted. They first arrested Ko Thet Oo on 2 january 1997 in downtown and me on 5th at home. Actually they did not arrest me in the beginning. They took my mother to Tamwe police station saying they have something to ask. Then I went to police station and said to MI (military intelligence) "Look, my mother did nothing wrong, if you have to make enquiry about Ko They Oo, ask me only". So they released my mother and took me and a young guy who kept his documents in a car to an MI camp near Inya Lake hotel. They took my mother too and let her go there. They blindfolded me and the young guy ,hooded and took to Insein prison, and interrogated whole day. I told them "I did nothing, I don't know what he is doing, I am running my own business, I know nothing about what he does, please let me go, I have three daughters left at home". They told me "Ok, we will let you go". After interrogating whole night they sent me around 9 pm to a prison cell. I could only return from there after more than 7 years.

  • THET OO, U – FIRST CLIP My name is Thet Oo. My wife Ma Pyone Pyone Aye. We both spent our life in prison for politics. My parents are U Maung Maung and Daw Hla Hla Kyi. I have two siblings. I am the eldest. I got married with Ma Pyone Pyone Aye and we have three daughters. The eldest one is currently working at AAPP in counseling department. After my release in October 2011 I was one of the founders to establish Former Political Prisoners Association. I worked there for 5 years and in 2017 I retired. Since then I stay at home and I have been supporting other political activities and collecting documents related to politics. When Ko Phone Maw has fallen death, we were at Rangoon University main campus in final year. On march 16 and on 13 march the death of Ko Phone Maw led to students demonstration. I started involved in students movements since 16 march. On 28 august 1988 interim All Burma Students Union was formed at Rangoon University. I was a member and took part in movements. Those demonstrations only lasted for more than a month. ON 18 september the coup d'etat was staged after the coup we did not go to the neighboring country and we stayed quiet inside the country. When multiparty democracy was announced and political parties were allowed to establish we joined New Democratic Society party. I worked as in-charge for information service at Rangoon and at the same time jointly managed the information service at headquarters. It was the time some members got arrested and others fled to the neighboring country. The situation was destabilized. Then the election commission recognized New Democratic Society faction led by Ko Thet Htun. We the other faction got together to think of what we could do with remaining members. Are we going to let them off? We should do something for them. So we integrated our members in a newly established party named Patriotic Democratic Youth Front-Myanmar. The chair was Comrade Thet Zaw, now known as writer Zaw Thet Htwe. I served as general secretary. The other side of New Society was known as Ko Thet Htun New Society. On our side members were former New Society members but party name has changed. We contested in 1990 elections but did not win any seat. A year after the elections the regime abolished our party, Patriotic Democratic Youth Front-Myanmar on accusations of being associated with Burma Communist Party and ABSDF. New Society Democratic Party was abolished too accused of having connections with KNU. After abolition some were sent to prison, others took up arms. I was not arrested and sent to prison at that time. I kept quiet for a while. Then I started again with these books. In 1994 I went to Thailand officially and met with old colleagues there. They became central committee members in ABSDF faction led by Ko Moe Thee Zune. I got contact with them. After my return I sent news and information inside the country to ABSDF. After two years of activities I got arrested.

the one whose family sustained trouble because of totalitarian regime

Thet Oo's member card of Democratic Party for a New Society
Thet Oo's member card of Democratic Party for a New Society
photo: Thet Oo

Thet Oo was a former political prisoner and spent for 15 years in prison. He was tortured severely during interrogation. Thet Oo was born in Rangoon and has one younger brother who lives in Finland. Thet Oo has three daughters and they were too young when he was imprisoned. Thet Oo was a former political prisoner, likewise his wife Pyone Pyone Aye. He got Bachelor degree in Mathematics. He has been faced many political movements since he was 10 years old such as U Thant Funeral crisis, worker strikes and students movement. Therefore, he interested in politics and participated in students’ protests in March 1988. Besides, he took part earnestly in Nationwide Pro-democracy protests known as 88 uprising. Aftermath, he became a member of Democratic Party for a New Society and later he performed as a general secretary of Tamwe Township Branch of Democratic Party for a New Society. In 1994, he left for Thailand legally and had a connection with former members of the party at there who were members of All Burma Students Democratic Front then. He carried out politics activities together with them and he was arrested in 1997 by National Intelligence Bureau. He was interrogated for 22 days in interrogation center and tortured badly during interrogation. Later on, he was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment. He was transferred far away prisons frequently and spent for 15 years in prison. Having release, he involved as a member in former political prisoners society. He has faced much difficulty and his three daughters struggled themselves due to parents were imprisoned. He is now living with family and suffering from Rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases.