Tin Htun Hlaing

* 1965

  • TIN TUN HLAING, KO – FIRST CLIP My name is Ko Tin Tun Hlaing. Born on 25 november 1965. My father's name is U Ngwe Hlaing. Now I am living together with mum, younger sister and brother. I got involved in politics while I was a Zoology major student at University. I got involved by watching as a by-stander instead of being really interested. White Bridge incident, strike at University. Then there were leaders like Ko Thet Tun, Ko Zaw. I did not know them personally. I took a bicycle to watch the demonstration. I followed them and reached White Bridge. There I got arrested and sent there. In prison I met Ko Thet Tun and other leaders. After meeting with them I got involved in politics. I did not understand much. By experimenting and exploring I I got gradually engaged and later I joined New Society party. The party was abolished. And I got connection with armed movement in the jungle. I was imprisoned 10 years for association with Khin Maung Lwin. Then I was released. After release my health was in a state that a voice came out of me and I wandered around pagodas. I did not go back to political field. Instead I went to activists' homes. I went to political events. My voice, this voice out of the whole world me alone have this voice. You cannot record it. It is a voice that comes out once in a century. I have to follow it. I don't know why. You could say that is mad. It seems to be mad. But I still have conscience. I have conscience to eat. Conscience to go here and there. Some have gone out of their mind. Let's say Dr Zaw Min sometimes says swear words. I say swear words to U Thein Sein. I have conscience that I say swear words. I swear local administrator. I was hospitalized three times. I am not in good health. I collapsed three times. My life is strange. This voice. To speak frankly there was a song that used to be sung in their office. It is called "sing a song tapping the desk". Now I have changed my mind. I happen to read poems. I am not in good health. Anyway it will get better when time is right. "New Democratic Society party", democratic like this there I served as in-charge of finance. There were 8 leaders like Jimmy, Moe Thee Zune, Ko Nyi Htwe. I was assigned there. I don't understand well my responsibility. I had to as asked to do so. The year I was arrested was 90. I had to hand over documents and money sent from outside. I had to take care of money transfer. I had to deliver stuffs sent by Ko Moe Thee. I was sentenced for that. When they came to arrest me, they entered by saying "to check overnight guest". They told me to come along and arrested me. They came together with the army. Then they handcuffed. They hooded me in the car and took me to where I don't know. Later I found out as told by others that it was MI 6. I think it is in 8 mile. I did not get any idea that time. It was night when they came to arrest. They did not beat me at time of arrest. They beat a little during interrogation. Only hit me twice. They told me everything was already confessed, made me countersign the previous confession. I asked them how I could fill in activities. They told me "write what you want like buying this and that". I wrote what I was told and sign the witness statement. I did not think I would be convicted. But anyway I was convicted. end of first clip

who has sacrificed not only physically but mentally for democracy

Tin Htun Hlaing participated in nationwide pro-democracy protests known as 88 uprising and was arrested in 1991. Then, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Tin Htun Hlaing was born in Mawlamyine Township, Mon State, Burma. He began performing political activities in 1988 when he was third year Zoology student. After military coup d’état, Tin Htun Hlaing entered Democratic Party for a New Society as a finance officer and worked together with Burmese prominent student leaders. Later on, he had connection with All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) and he was arrested for that. He was charged under Section 5 (j) of emergency provision act and Section 17 (1) of unlawful association act (1908) and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. His family faced financial difficulty to come prison visit while he was incarcerated, that’s why his mother sold half of their house. Having release, he was hospitalized for 3 times and he is suffering from mental illness cause of impact of lengthy incarceration. He is not able to work any paid job due to his health condition and depends on his family.