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Thet Oo (* 1964)

the one whose family sustained trouble because of totalitarian regime

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Thet Oo has been interested in Politics since child and he participated in March, 1988 students movement and he constantly took part in political activities until having arrested. He was arrested in 1997 and tortured during interrogation. He was handcuffed behind his back, blindfolded and hooded whilst questioned and beaten, kicked and punched severely during interrogation. He was charged under unlawful association act, publishing act and emergency provisions act and sentenced to 26 years imprisonment. He was deprived of sleep and did not receive adequate food and water being interrogated. His wife was arrested while he was in interrogation center. Later on, his wife, Ma Pyone Pyone Aye, was incarcerated as well. Therefore, their three daughters sustained much difficulty and struggled for living. Thet Oo was kept for 15 years in prison and he has been performing political activities constantly since being released.

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