Stories of the 20th Century: Forced Labor in National Socialism

This project focuses on the experiences of forced laborers during the National Socialist era in Germany. The project is carried out in partnership with the Bridge/ Most Foundation. The mission of the project is to deepen the ability of especially young people but also of the broader public to look at events from different perspectives. Young people can also experience the process of interviewing witnesses and recording their stories. High school students learn about the experiences people had during this time as forced labor under a National Socialist government. Part of the interviews of witnesses are conducted by professional documentarists and part by students who present these stories to the public. The outputs of the project include a new graphic novel based on the interviews of witnesses to forced labor, a workshop for Czech and German students, new locations on the Memory of Nations mobile app, and a trip to Dresden so students can witness for themselves the locations where these stories occurred.

19 witnesses
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