Aloisie Lukášová

* 1936

  • "Well, my brother... back in the communist days - there were about five friends and once someone broke a window of one of the communists's houses in Moravičany. Those guys were accused, and there were some slogans written on the road. They were in prison in Olomouc. I still have a letter at home, how my mother wrote to General Čepička to let him go. My brother was then in the PTP. He was in Ostrava for three years, I think at the Pokrok mine. He was a lieutenant there. Two of the five boys were taken away, my brother and two others were not taken away, but they had to work in the mines for three years."

  • "I remember, it was later, I don't know what year, but when we had the butcher shop, somebody knocked on the window of the little world and father always gave them a package of some food. They were partisans who came to us for food. I even vaguely remember they were at our house once, about four or five guys at the table. They got food and then left again. And one unpleasant thing - my uncle and aunt lived next door, and one of those who served on the border lived with them. Then the partisans came there, I don't know who it was, and they just shot him. And he was so nice, they still had a little girl with them. I don't know why they shot him."

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    Olomouc, 31.05.2022

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They wanted to send me to a agricultural union’s cooperative instead of school

Aloisie Lukášová with her brother Stanislav, Moravičany 1946
Aloisie Lukášová with her brother Stanislav, Moravičany 1946
photo: Archív pamětníka

Aloisie Lukášová was born on 21 June 1936 in Moravičany as the youngest of three children. Her father Alois Petřík fought in the First World War in Italy. His brother Vilém, who was conscripted at the age of 17, never returned home. During the Second World War, her father helped the partisans, supplying them with food. Her mother Aloisie Petříková was wounded in a grenade explosion on 8 May 1945. Her parents owned a farm and a butcher shop, which they lost in the 1950s. Aloisie had problems afterwards because of her political profile. Eventually she studied at the agricultural school in Olomouc and Zábřeh. In 1949, her brother Stanislav and his friends were accused of breaking the window of a local communist, were imprisoned and sent to the Pokrok mine in Ostrava for three years. After school, Aloisie Lukášová worked as an invoice clerk and cashier in Olomouc, Šumperk and Zábřeh, and from 1965 in a car service in Uničov, where she remained until her retirement. In 1956 she married Jiří Lukáš, they had two children and lived in Uničov. In 1968, together with her colleagues, she signed a petition against the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops. At the time of filming in 2022, she lived in Moravičany.