Gricelia Allen Sterling

* 1963

  • “When they throw my son Eider to the prison in 2020, he declared a protest hunger strike, to request respecting his human rights. They came to my house, to search me in my house, in a car. Some officer from the prison and Major Brian from the State Security presented in my house in the middle of the day. They wanted me to convince my son to stop his hunger strike, something, that neither I achieved.”

  • “When we went to the court, you know how it is, I said to my son Eider, that we were screwed. You know, all the judges and the courts of the communist regime are just a theater play, just a big show. So, I explained to my son, that the penalty is already decided, no matter what we would say or do at the court. We were aware, that it was prepared by the State Security, just a big theater where we were the puppets. ’So how did you see all this, what did you think about the situation, that the aggression against your son was to keep your son in the prison?’ Indeed, exactly, the objective was to keep him in a prison, to control him, all this show.”

  • “My son Eider was detained and transferred to the Operations office of the State Security. I had to present myself there, so I went there and announced his beating. The officers replied to me, that they did not hurt him. It was Brian from the State Security who replied to me. ’At this moment, the head of Security in Guantanamo was Brian?’ Yes, Brian. Major Brian. But I knew that it was a lie, my son had been beat up. I insisted on stop lying to me, that this Major Brian was a liar. Because there appeared pictures of the police beating my son on Facebook. My son left the Operation in really bad conditions. They finally liberated him during the night, he had to walk all the way to the city. Fortunately, he met some workers there, and they picked him up and brought him to Guantanamo, to El Caribe part of the city.”

  • “In that time, the most persecutions and aggressions were held towards his wife. By that time Enyor was already married and they lived between the streets El Sol and El Prado. All aggressions were canalized against her, his wife. Including a police house search, a house search, revision of their home at five in the morning. All happened only because she is a wife of an opponent of a Cuban communist Government.”

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    Cuba, 07.12.2020

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“My sons belong to the opposition of the regime in Cuba. I will never let them down.”

Gricelia Allen Sterling was born on November 30, 1963, in Guantanamo, Cuba. Her two sons form part of the opposition of the communist regime in Cuba. Her older son, Enyor Díaz Allen, born in 1982, has been exiled in the United States since 2014. Before he left Cuba, he was an active member of the “Cuban Movement of the Youth for Democracy” [Movimiento Cubano de Jóvenes por la Democracia]. He also cooperated with the independent media “We speak Press” [Hablamos Press] in Guantanamo and with the internet portal “Cubanet.” Because of his activities against the Cuban regime, he was repeatedly detained or arrested. Gricelia’s younger son, Eider Frómeta Allen, was born in 1989. He integrated into the dissident movement in 2011, and since then, he has been persecuted and imprisoned several times. In January 2020, he was transferred to a prison with extreme vigilance in Camagüey. Gricelia’s family faces constant aggressions from the communist regime. Despite all obstacles and conflicts, Gricelia supports her sons and is an activist of the human rights movement in Cuba.