Alena Šíblová

* 1955

  • "I remember the year 89 very well. Just before Christmas, that is, at the beginning of December, Brother Rolf [Alois Reimer] rang our bell and said, 'Alena, what if you led the girls and set up a girls' club? I'll lead the boys. ‘That was the word to say. I decided very quickly to lead the Holešov girls. The Girl Scouts were founded, I think, before the boys' club and we started operating very soon after the New Year 1990. We created the club out of my daughter, classmates and friends. There were about thirteen of them. We also met at home and had a clubhouse in the former Soriklub. "

  • "I studied well. In high school, I was basically number one. When I wanted to go to university to study mathematics and physics, I got a big red stamp: Not recommended for studying at university. The reason was not given. I definitely know that it was because my father was expelled from the Communist Party. Just before the stamp for the university application got there, our class professor called us and explained to us why the principal had to put it there. So I, with excellent school marks, was in the same rank as those who had only fours and couldn't study for the benefit. I was politically disadvantaged. However, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where I got to, I met my husband, so I don't really regret it at all."

  • "The scout's written lyrics spread more or less secretly. I remember Dad giving me the name of someone from TOS who scouted. So, I searched the man. I followed him, handed it to him. I remember that wonderful hug and handshake with a left hand. We didn't know each other before. I knew, for example, that the gentleman, the lady, existed, but by no means did I know that he was scouting. It was a spontaneous meeting. It was very pleasant and I was glad that I could make such a connection."

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No one impressed me as much as Rudolf Plajner

Alena Šíblová, née Vémolová, was born on August 3, 1955 in Holešov. Her father Antonín, a member of Plajner’s scout group since high school, led her to scout. He met Alena’s mother Vlasta at Sfinx - he worked there as a national administrator and his future wife worked in the export department. The family befriended Rudolf Plajner. From 1968 to 1969, Alena attended the renewed Holešov Girl Scout club led by Blanka Foltýnová and Ruth Vondrová (Cholastová). After inspections in 1970, her father was forced to leave the Communist Party. That is why Alena, a student with excellent results, was not accepted to study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in Prague. In the end, she graduated from university anyway and became a mechanical engineer economist. During her studies in Brno, she met her future husband and they soon got married. They raised three children, all of whom went through Holešov scout clubs. The witness spent many years as a programmer at TOS Hulín. During Junák’s third renovation, she led a girls’ scout group together with Milena Machálková and Zuzana Šrámková (Poláková) from 1990 onwards. The first camp took place under the leadership of Ester Cholastová. She has devoted her whole life to practicing yoga. A few years ago, she and her husband renovated the courtyard, the original property of the grandfather František Sedláček. There she conducts yoga classes in her Yoga Hall.