Mgr. Jiřina Rybáčková

* 1942  

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Rybáčková 1970.jpg (historic)
Mgr. Jiřina Rybáčková
photo: Lucie Berg

Jiřina Rybáčková was born on 20 April 1942 in Prague. She attended elementary school at Náměstí míru. In 1959, she was admitted to study theology at Charles University but later gave up on it. Between 1959 and 1962 she worked in the foreign department of Mladá fronta publishing house. In 1967 she graduated from Spanish and English at Charles University, Faculty of Philosophy. In 1968 she became a member of the committee of the so-called Club of Committed Non-Party Members (KAN). In 1969 she emigrated with her husband-to-be Ludvík Rybáček to the US. She then studied modern European history at Rutgers University, NJ. By the late 1970s she was an editorial assistant and manager of Hispanic and Spanish collections in the Princeton University library. Between 1976 and 2004, she was a freelancing editor. She collaborated with prominent US publishing houses (Scribner’s, Macmillian, Oxford University Press and others). In 1993 she returned to Czechia with her husband and son. She used to write a regular column for ‘American Papers’. She authored three books, a number of encyclopedia entries, and co-translated two publications. She lives in Prague and retains her passion for books and travelling.