Надія Григорівна Ратушна (Гасій)

* 1941

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The local authorities did not want to register us for two years and refused to give us our own place.

Nadia.JPG (historic)
Надія Григорівна Ратушна (Гасій)

Born on 11th April 1941 in the village of Kozaki; Ukrainian; of Greek Catholic denomination. During the war, her father was involuntarily taken to a labor camp in Germany. He returned in the fall of 1945. Before the war, her family had a lot of land and a large farm, including cows and horses. Consequently, her family was deported as “rich peasants” to Siberia, Province of Kemerovo. They didn’t return to Kozaki until 1959. She is still living in Kozaki.