August Masár

* 1942  

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The communists were unable to create anything, to form any values. They just knew how to steal what someone else had built

As a young man
As a young man
photo: Dobová: ako chlapec krátko po návrate z TNP Nováky (1948), Súčasná: z natáčania rozhovoru 5. júla 2018.

August Masár was born on November 8, 1942 in Bratislava. His parents August and Karolína, née Nittnausová, were of German nationality. His mother was originally from Austria and she had a dressmaker’s shop and a fashion salon. August’s father ran a carpenter’s workshop. As a child August witnessed air raids of the allied troops on Apollo refinery. Due to their German nationality and operation of business, in 1946 August, his sister Alžbeta and their parents were interned in the Nováky labor camp. They spent in the camp’s inhuman conditions two long years. Their property and business were forever confiscated. Later on, August studied to become a plumber. As a member of the politically unreliable family he was obliged to attend the military service without arms in Auxiliary Technical Battalions. After the release to civilian life he employed as a plumber in Brno military construction company, but because of his problematic cadre evaluation he was fired. He got a job in the mine Cígeľ in Prievidza, where he worked on surface at first, and later in the pit as well. After his father’s death he was monitored by the State Security authorities. In 1992 he suffered a serious stroke, what resulted in leaving to untimely invalidity pension. Nowadays he lives in Handlová.