Anastázie Lahutová

* 1931

  • “I went to a grammar school in Strážnice. There were no buses, I couldn't use those. I would have to go to a station two kilometres away, I wouldn't be able to. So I stayed in a monastery. That's why I'm such a kind person. When everything was so, my father was implying that somebody told him I would not be allowed to go any further or something along those lines. I went to Hradiště to the head of doctors and explained the situation and he told me: “Miss, a biochemistry school will open in Olomouc, if you want that, then…” I said: “Of course.” So he wrote the necessary paper for me. I didn't even have to pass entry exams because I was already in the fifth year. I went to that school and kind of stayed on the side. They had all forgotten about me in Blatnice at that point.”

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    Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem, 18.02.2017

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I always had at least two angels standing by my side

photo: archiv pamětničiny sestry

Anastázie Lahutová, née Míšková, was born on the 30th November 1931 into a farmer’s family that maintained ten hectares of land. Her mother was Anna Míšková (née Krupková) and Jan Míška. She had two younger siblings. During Christmas 1942 she suffered and almost died from a major injury while sledging. She is convinced that she only got better thanks to a religious service by a priest named Šuránek. Her injury left her with lifetime consequences and unlike her siblings and her peers she spent her life in the city. She was distanced from everybody in Blatnice but her kulak heritage followed her everywhere and she was not allowed to study at a university. After graduating from grammar school she studied at a biochemistry high school in Olomouc and became a laboratory technician at a university hospital. Meeting Luboš Lahut is something she considers a second miracle in her life because he never minded her handicap and started seeing her. They got married in 1956 and had daughters Alena and Jitka. They lived in Bojkovice. In 1967 they started building a house in Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem and moved there once they retired. Anastázia’s husband has already died and now lives with one of her daughters.