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Kyaw Htun Min (aka) Wa Gyi (* 1980)


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Kyaw Htun Min (aka) Wa Gyi was involved in 9999 movements since the time he passed the matriculation examination. He was detained by No.3 Intelligence in July 1999 for his involvement in 9999 movements.  He was interrogated with various torture methods for almost 10 days in the interrogation camp of No. 3 Intelligence. He was handcuffed and taken from his home. His eyes were covered during interrogation and, therefore, it is unclear whether it was day or night. Interrogation was done continuously and they hit him at the whole body. They did not give the food. Distinctly, he ate rice from dog food bowl for three or four picks. He drank toilet water as they did not provide water. Sometimes, police gave him water but he had to drink toilet water if they were not in there. They hit his organ with pipes for the whole night. He was given an electric shock for the whole night. His thumbs were handcuffed. His toes were tied together. They let him lay down in back sleep position and rolled the sticks on him until pieces of flesh were came out.  He was not allowed to sleep for 10 days. They made the fake noise from the next room and act like raping Ko Kyaw Htun Min’s sisters. He was mentally threatened in this way and interrogated. He was not allowed to take treatments. Beside this, salt was sprayed on his wounds and combat boot sole was also used to scrape his wounds. After arresting him, his elder and younger sisters were fired from their jobs and his father was also forced to retire. His family was staying at government housing as they were government employees. But they were forced to leave when Ko Kyaw Htun Min got caught. Also in the Insein Prison, he was also hit with baton during the searching operation of prohibited items. He was released from Insein Prison since he had mental illness. He stayed in Insein Prison, Bago Prison and Tha Yet Prison for 3 years. He took the treatment at Ywar Thar Gyi for one month and he is taking medication till now.

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