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Khin Maung Shwe (* 1968)


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Khin Maung Shwe returned from Yangon to Mongywa in December 1991. After arriving to Mongywa, about 12 people including delegates from Intelligence, regional police force, fire brigade and ward administrator came to his home and arrested him. They handcuffed him, put hood over his head and took him with a vehicle. They handcuffed his hand from the back and forced him to stand up during interrogation. He was interrogated for three days continuously. They did not give him the break although the interrogator teams were changed. They did not give him food or water during those 3 days. His eyes were tightly closed with cloths for 3 days. Therefore, he could not see well and his skin color was changed to brown when the cover was removed. Then, they took him to Yangon with the flight and interrogated again in the mortuary of Insein Prison for 3 days. Mostly, they called him for interrogation while he was sleeping.

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