Ing. Mirko Jelčić

* 1955  

  • “Maybe we were just dreaming thinking that it didn´t exist. It is obvious that it did exist. Especially in Bosnia, in Sarajevo, the notion that we have sorted it out, that we were all brothers, that we were united and so on. Maybe we were living in a dream. And I think that´s the case, that these issues have been suppressed and couldn´t be spoken about so it all exploded as a pressure cooker as there was no valve. All the emigres have come back – who have been living abroad – and the academics, Croats, Serbs and Slovenians, started to talk about what shall be done to insure that the national interest would be protected and so and so. Maybe we didn´t notice that kind of things or we just weren´t informed. Maybe that was what caused the explosion and later the war.”

  • “There was this elementary humanitarian aid. But all the time I was hungry. All the time. Never could I eat as much as I wanted. I was starving 24 hours a day. And the shelling was bad but you would get used to it somehow.” – “How could one get used to it?” – “It will just happen. I remember, my mother, they have been living on a fourth floor and above the fifth floor there was this this roof terrace. And she would go there to gather rainwater. And a shell came hitting the house between the third and the fourth floor. And I would hear it from bellow. I didn´t know where it landed so I went to check. And she was just gathering the water, she didn´t go.” – “She was so used to it that she didn´t react.” – “I asked her:' What are you doing?' And she told me: 'If they would hit me, so be it. I need water.'”

  • “When war begins the bad people are the first to be given weapons. In Sarajevo there was no regular army, there wasn´t such a thing. And the first to get the guns were the bandits. And for some time they could do what they wanted to. After that they managed to supress them but I don´t know whether you knew that they were so strong... that bandits would murder policemen. That they could do what they wanted to. They would come and tell you: 'Somebody has been given signals from your house. Whe have to investigate.' And they would search the house and take gold and such. And people were being killed, so they could take their flats, Serbians in particular were being killed.”

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    Praha, 03.08.2018

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The shelling was bad but you will get used to it

Mirko Jelčić in 2018
Mirko Jelčić in 2018
photo: Post Bellum

Mirko Jelčić was born on September 18th 1955 in Sarajevo, Federal People´s Republic of Yugoslavia. He graduated from gymnasium, then studied Electroengineering at the University of Sarajevo. He joined the Communist party, worked in a telecommunication company in Sarajevo and was one of the software developers for the winter Olympic games. He has been working in the development department of UNIS national enterprise and in the late 80s he co-founded a telecommunication technology development company. From 1992 to 1993 he lived through the siege and shelling of Sarajevo, he married and had become a father. After leaving Bosnia in April 1993 he co-founded a new company in Praha with his old partners succeeding on the international markets. He lived in the United States, since 1998 he resides in the Czech Republic with his family. He works as consultant and is involved in the energy business.