Jaromír Janza

* 1924

  • "Some German soldier died in Russia. They came to us to play some funeral marches for him. They wanted us to play the German national anthem. But we didn´t know it so we played ´Hummed Mountains´ and ´Beautiful Bohemia, My Bohemia´ instead. They paid us five Marks and that was it. That was during the German period. Sometime we have provoked the Germans by playing in the evening. The hunting was just on; four gendarmes came and we had to give them our instruments. The Germans were all right more or less. But Hitler was a real bitch. He was a murderer like Stalin was. Those were the two biggest murderers."

  • "My name is Jaromír Janza and I was born on April 11th 1924. That was when Mr. President Masaryk ruled our Republic. He died on March 14th 1937 (he died in September - editor´s note). I was thirteen then. I went to his funeral which was held in St. Wenceslas Chapel. I could almost touch his remains. I always considered it a great honor. There was a Mrs. Captain, a widow from some captain...She used to come to our summer house. My father was a Russian legionnaire from Zborovo. He had a tattoo on his left forehand; it was a blue wreath where was written: Zborov, Omsk and Siberia."

  • "Eventually we gave it to the cooperative. We refused to join the JZD (collectivized farms). Then the whole village was collectivized in 1952. The communist have counseled. They were like: ´Just you wait you little peasants, we´ll show you; ´ we were not even allowed to mill. The Germans were better - in this way. Hitler was a rogue, but he liked the farmers. He wanted the nation to be fed properly. Did the Russians give us grain in 1947? No way, everything went to Russia. The Americans saved them...America supplied Russia. People in Stalingrad were eating mice and cats. They were even biting off the skins from harmonicas. Stalin was not ready for the war. Stalin was the greatest murderer of all."

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” The greatest wealth is health, the money will still be here when we´re gone. People will know it when they get older.”

Jaromír Janza in the 1950s
Jaromír Janza in the 1950s
photo: archiv pamětníka

Mr. Jaromír Janza - son of a private farmer from Chodov, in the Chodsko region. His father was a legionnaire from Zborovo. Today Mr. Janza lives nearby his hometown in Klenčí in a Senior´s Home. Due to his present weak health (almost blind) he connects with the outside world through the radio. He was born in 1924, the son of a Russian legionnaire from Zborovo. During the war his village was part of the Empire. He was worked as a farmer his whole life. His parents were forced to hand over their farmstead to the JZD (former collectivized farms - translator´s note) in 1952. He was also a musician; he played brass in a local band. These days he lives in Klenčí, in a Senior´s Home.