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Htun Oo (* 1952)

I don’t want my family to know about my pain of being tortured

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-1st time

Htun Oo has been interested in politics since high school student. He read and learned a lot of leftist book. He involved in 1974 U Thant (Former General-Secretary) uprising and 1974-75 labor strike as a student. Later on, he was arrested in his house by members of National Intelligence Bureau Unit (7) and he was taken to National Intelligence Bureau Unit (7) by car. When he was arrested, he was hooded and tied up with rope his hands back. During the interrogation center, he was beaten many times from his head to foot by stave; therefore he was unconscious and fell down to the ground. When he got conscious, he was in a small cell. Then, he was taken to the interrogation room and he was asked some questions and kicked, made his body bend into a motorbike riding position, made his body bend as if driving plane, not allowed to sleep and not allowed to take shower for 5 days. Then, he and his six partners were sent to cell no.5, Insein prison from National Intelligence Bureau Unit#7 in the evening. Three months later, he and his six partners were sentenced to 7 years imprisonment under Section: 17(1)(2) of the Unlawful Association Act (1908) at military court. During the imprisonment, he was in cell for one year and he was suffered from Diarrhea. Then, he was transferred to ward No.3. On Aug 15, 1977 – he and other political prisoners were beaten brutally about one hour because they denied sitting down prison position. He was released on June 1, 1980 from Insein prison.

-2nd time

In 1984, he got connection with Communist Party. Aftermath, he became a UG of Communist Party and he served a lot of UG processes and he actively involved in 8888 uprising. On July 13, 1989 – he was arrested by National Intelligence Bureau Unit#7 and he was taken to 9 miles. During the 9 miles interrogation center, he was forced to stand up edge of the lake and his legs were beaten and fell down into the lake for three or four times. He didn’t get food and drinking water all day then he was sent to dungeon. In the next morning, he and other people who were arrested with political case, were transferred together to Yay Kyi-I interrogation center. During the Yay Kyi-I interrogation center, he was tied up with rope his hands back and his legs then forced to walk on the ground which was fully piece of bricks, hooded and poured the water on his head, tied up his hands back from ceiling, made his body bend as if driving plane, forced to eat chilly and if he ask to get water to interrogators, they put the water into the urinal and give it him to drink. He was in Yay Kyi-I interrogation center for over one month. Later on, he was sentenced to Life imprisonment under Section: 17(1)(2) of the Unlawful Association Act (1908). In the trial process, he didn’t get a fair trial. On June 6, 1990, he and his partners were transferred to Mandalay from Insein prison by train. In the transfer process, they were shackled. While he was in Mandalay prison, he was shackled and blocked in the cell for one month for striking to get food regularly by prison manual. He was suffered from Hepatitis C and Tuberculosis. He was released from Mandalay prison in 2000. Now, he is suffering from Heart disease and Neuropathy.

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