Te Do Hoang

* 1950

  • “In 1965 I started studying the secondary school. Back then each region had a maximum of one secondary school. Lessons began at five o´clock in the morning due to American bombing. For three years I had to walk seven kilometres there and back that is fourteen kilometres per day. The road led to rice field and at the time of rains it was very muddy. I suffered by enormous heat in the summer and cold in winter as I had insufficient clothing. In rainy weather I always folded my shirt on my way and put it in a plastic bag so I didn’t sit in a wet shirt later at school. There was a bombing each day. To minimize the risks I was coming out of my house already at three o´clock at night as my other classmates. To protect my head against bomb shrapnels I had a hat made of straws and wore a camouflage of branches on my body. I arrived to the place around five o´clock. The school was divided into several places distant a few kilometres apart. Under each school room there was a system of tunnels for children evacuation. During lessons we had to run down the tunnels at least once every day. One day after school we heard the sound of approaching airplane. The alarm went on, everybody running down the tunnels. Suddenly we heard a great explosion. We didn’t know where the bomb fell, only later we found out it was very nearby. At the time I was permanently scared. It could have repeated at any other time. The only thing I longed for was the war to be over at last.”

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An exemplary citizen Te Do Hoang

Te Do Hoang, 1969
Te Do Hoang, 1969
photo: album pamětníka

Te Do Hoang was born on 12 June, 1950 in a village of Hung Long, in an agricultural province in the central Vietnam as a fifth out of six siblings. After finishing the basic school he attended the secondary school since 1965. After graduation in 1968 he was chosen as an excellent student in the framework of bilateral agreements to study a high school in Czechoslovakia, where he arrived in the evening prior to the occupation, 20 August, 1968. The first year of stay he studied a Czech language course at the University of 17th November and in the second year he began studying the High school of Engineering and Electrotechnics in Pilsen. He finished the school in 1974 with an excellent student´s diploma and on the break of 1974-1975 he returned to Vietnam. He was called to the army service and worked at the ministry of defence in Hanoi as a military technician until 1988. He started a family, had a son and soon also a daughter. In 1988 he left for Czechoslovakia as an interpreter of Vietnamese workers in the company PAL Kroměříž and later, until 1992, worked as an organizer of Vietnam groups in the company Českomoravský len in Humpolec. During the period he was deciding whether to return to Vietnam or remain in the newly established free regime and market economy in Czechoslovakia. Following a short visit at home and after agreement with his wife he decided to try his luck in enterprise in Czechoslovakia. With the help of their friends they started stand sale in Třešť near Jihlava with all the beginner´s hardship. Gradually they got a proper store. In 1994 his wife and children moved here too. The family successfully adapted to the new environment and both children graduated in secondary and later high school. Te Do Hoang ran his enterprise until 2012, when he retired. He lives with his wife in Třešt, where his family got a house. He still works for The Association of Vietnamese expatriates. In 2014 he applied for Czech citizenship.