Vladimír Dubový

* 1967  

  • "After the first protests of November 17, a colleague of mine, a young man as I was, dared to come to work with a tricolor the next morning. He went straight to the commander and had earned seven days of house arrest. He was not able to sentence the whole punishment, though, as it had taken a quick turn. Suddenly, they would be picking up our uniforms, embroidering the tricolor on it.”

  • "You look like easy to get on with, don't you want to go to Turkey with us,” asked one boutique owner. I agreed and said that I would like to visit Turkey. And so I went to Turkey with him. Then he said that he needed more goods, and asked if I could find some people who would come with us and would carry a bag on the way back. I had a lot of acquaintances between the former officers and screws. I was filling up the buses with people on behalf of the boutique owners, people who were coming to Turkey for free -accommodation, and one lunch included. We bought the clothes, pilled up the bags, and once they arrived at the Czech borders, they crossed it legally with one bag filled up with goods in their hands. The very first goods were coming to the Czech Republic through this shuttle trading. “

  • „We arrived in Mošnov in trucks. One of the platoons served as the protestors. They were in dungarees, were given rotten tomatoes and eggs. We had the classic green uniforms on and were provided with a meter long white nightsticks, shields, and white helmets. We were standing in a cordon, waiting for what was going to happen. Then the boys started throwing eggs and tomatoes on us. We were there along with the Civic militia officers and the district Public Security units. The training itself took about half a day. For example, a command to scatter and squeeze out had come, and so the cordon began to march, squeezing the protestors out towards the indicated side streets. As the commanders used to say, we were preparing ourselves to strike against the internal enemy. “

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I joined the State Security out of sheer cunning.

Vladimír Dubový was born on September 6, 1967, in Opava. He spent his childhood in Ostrava-Poruba. After primary school, he graduated from a secondary vocational school as a technician of the communication security equipment under the OKD Doprava auspices. To prevent himself from the two-years military training, he joined the SNB units. He classified as an adept of the Public Security’s Emergency Regiment, trained to intervene against the internal enemy. After attending the substitutional military training in Frýdek-Místek, he joined the Ministry of Interiors’ corpses. He also participated in the officer school in Holešov, where he was trained to intervene against protestors. Vladimír left the school after two months and joined the units of the Ministry of Interior, where he was in charge of the connecting merchants and warehouses. He was on call during the protests against the communist regime of 1988 and in November 1989. Nevertheless, he deployed into fierce action. After the Velvet Revolution, he left the army, set up a business, and started to cooperate with smugglers and traders who were importing clothes from Turkey. He was involved in organizing bus tours to Istanbul, during which the clothes meant for boutiques and exchanges were being smuggled across borders. In 2018, he organized protests against Miloš Zeman and Andrej Babiš in Ostrava.