Agorastos Dimoschakis

* 1927  

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We will never forget Gottwald. He was a God to us. He saved us, and that’s why the KSC is holy to us. Long live the KSC!

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Agorastos Dimoschakis

Agorastos Dimoschakis was born on the 20th of July 1927 in Thrace, current-day northern Greece. He joined the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) at 18 years of age. He did not, however, fight beside the Communist partisans. He left Greece alone, without his father or sisters, in 1945. He trained to be a cook in Buljkes, Yugoslavia, and he stayed there for three years before meeting his future wife, Ekaterina. The newlyweds lived in the hope that they would soon return to their homeland, but instead they both ended up in Czechoslovakia by different routes. Dimoschakis started off in Czechoslovakia as a prison cook, he then cooked for Greek construction workers. His wish was to be a teacher. He began grammar school, but with a wife and three children. he found it hard to support his family while in school, and never completed his classes. Furthermore, Dimoschakis remembers Czech being very difficult for him to learn. He happened to be in Romania during the Warsaw Pact occupation of 1968. He did not approve of the occupation then, and does not approve of it now. He lost his Greek citizenship and failed in trying to regain it. He still does not understand why the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) used authoritarian methods and did not allow people their freedom.