Antonín Bosák

* 1929  †︎ 2014

  • “Václav Koten established Scouting in Slaný in 1924. His wife Marie Kotenová was helping him with the process. Later he became a district reporter and he led his own troop in Kvíček where he lived. The beginnings in Slaný were difficult. Václav Koten, who was a great fan of motorcycles, was riding on his motorcycle Gnome-Rhone to the Slaný’s outdoor centre in Levousy on the Ohře River. In order to earn some money for his Scouts, he was carrying a ´puppet theatre´ and marionettes with him. The ticket cost 50 hellers. He probably spent more money on petrol than what he earned by this.”

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    Vlastivědné muzeum ve Slaném, 12.08.2011

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When the Gestapo abolished our Boy Scout troop in 1940, it was the worst day of my life so far

Antonín Bosák
Antonín Bosák
photo: Z archivu Antonína Bosáka

  Antonín Bosák was born in 1929. Flying and scouting were his two greatest passions since is childhood. He became a Boy Scout already in 1937 when he was eight years old. Apart from the period when the scouting organization was disbanded by the Nazis and communists, he served as a Scout leader educating Boy Scout youth. He holds many Scout decorations and he is an honorary member of Svojsík’s troop. His second passion was flying, which eventually turned into his life-long profession. He started with flying in autumn 1945 on a ŠK-38 glider. In 1948 he was admitted to the preparatory flying academy in Šternberk, but the military committee eventually did not select him as a pilot, and instead he began working as a weather observer. After completing the compulsory military service he was active as a sports pilot and a towplane pilot. As soon as he had accumulated 500 flight hours, he applied for a job as a crop-dusting aircraft pilot with the Agrolet company. In 1984 he retired and stopped flying, his new hobbies became reading and working on his cottage, and after 1989 he devoted his time to the restoration of Junák (Boy Scouts) organization in Slaný. For ten years he was the leader of the Boy Scout unit Blue Circle. On October 27, 2008, during a ceremonial session of the municipal committee, he was awarded an honourable mention for his life-long work with youth in the Boy Scout organization.