Marie Blažková

* 1938

  • „Mommy was terribly worn out. Then, she was in hospital, she needed a surgery, and the doctor told us that he had never seen such an overworked woman. And he wrote her a letter that she has to do only some light work, preferably seated. So they sent her to milk cows, that one sits while milking. That’s how they acknowledged the medical letter.”

  • „Then the Russians came. Everything was theirs. They took a cow and killed it, they had to eat something. And they were terribly… I can’t say dirty, I think that at that time, it was all they maanged. But, they were full of lice. And, behind our barn, they set up a large caludron and naked men lay in the grass and they were boiling their clothes to get rid of the lice. That’s what I remember they were doing. Mom was awfully worried for us. They were not exactly civilized.”

  • „The neighbours came to tell dad to cover the drainage ditches in the field, that there would be tanks riding all over the place and they would damage them. And that they would go and help him. So they were doing that in the fields and the Germans, the SS or whoever they were, came there. And they [dad and the other men] said that they were Czechs, that it was not their fault. And they told them: ‚Every Czech is a resistence fighter‘ and shot them all point blank. One of them died only after three days and he told us this.“

  • "Mom, when dad was shot, she was told that she would get a pension. It was before the monetary reform so she got a widow's pension and orphan pension for the children, it was one thousand crowns altogether. And when she did not want to go, it was in 1953 after the monetary reform, she was getting two hundred crowns for herself and for us, and when she did not join the United Agricultural Cooperative, they took that away, too. And they just... they just could do anything, right."

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Dad was killed by Germans. The family farm wtaken over by the coop and there, they worked mom almost to death.

Wedding of Marie and Albín Blažek, 1st of October,1960
Wedding of Marie and Albín Blažek, 1st of October,1960
photo: Archiv pamětníka

Marie Blažková was born on the 2nd of December in 1938 in Polička to a family of farmers. She lived with her brother, parents and grandfather in Pavlovice near Jimramov, where, among others, her parents aided the resistance fighters during the WWII. Her grandfather survived the First World War, her father was not so fortunate. On the 9th of May in 1945, he and several other men went to cover drainage pipes so that the tanks would not crush them and the retreating German soldiers shot him. Her mom was left alone to care for two children and her surviving parent. The agricultural cooperative pressured her to join them. Working in the coop meant years of hard labour which finally led to health issues and a prolonged hospital stay. Marie Blažková apprenticed as a shop assistant for leather accessories and shoes in Zlín (then Gottwaldov) and worked as a store manager in Korouhev. Her husband Alvín Blažek came from a family which was hardly hit by the viciousness of the Communist régime. Together, they raised two sons, Milan and Petr. After her maternity leave, Marie got a job in the Modeta company in Borová. In 1995, her son Milan, a locomotive engineer, died in a railway accident near the Krouna village. In 2020, the witness lived with her husband in the Babka settlement in Oldříš near Polička.