Miloslav Blaho

* 1926

  • “Suddenly, from the city hall, Dr. Jozef Tiso began his speech. He was speaking about 20 or more minutes and he concluded by saying a memorable sentence, I remembered that one: ‘May God help us – Christian Catholics!’ Well, that was an impulse for my mom and Mrs. Albrechtová, who looked at each other, mom grabbed my hand and yet we were leaving the square. I remember it so well, when they spoke about Slovakia. His main interest was: ‘May God help us – Christian Catholics!’ That was on the 6th October.”

  • “We were hiding behind the willows, and yet just in front of Žabokreky we walked out on the main road. Of course, that as we crossed... – The road was empty, there was nothing. – But as we came to Žabokreky, we heard: ‘Halt!’ So my mom and I agreed on telling the same story. We said that when there was an attack on Belá, the people were running down to the valley. We were running too and now we didn´t know which way to go. Thus we crossed this road. And where did we sleep? I said: ‘In some hayloft.’ ‘Wow, then you have to be hungry as well,’ said the commander.”

  • “But as we passed Strečno, we calmed down a bit and when they released us in Žilina, back then there weren´t any shopping centres, so they dropped us off in front of the blacksmiths, my mom and I were so happy. We went home right away and we found my father in his workshop. It was amazing, one cannot describe, what it was like when we altogether met.”

  • “And I can say that we were in a good situation. We worked well, went along with others, however... Then the thing happened. The director of the school where I worked was a great supporter of the former Hlinka´s Slovak People´s Party. When being a director, he had to earn some credit, and to do so, always, almost from each school council meeting, there had to be some record written against me. That´s how he used to earn the credit. Once he called me about my mission of the church secretary. I said: ‘Well, you tell me what´s going on.’ ‘Nothing, nothing, nothing...’ Yet I ended up being called at the regional committee, where he had to deprive me of the state consent. I asked: ‘Why?’ He said, because this and that... I replied: ‘Well, I want to have it on paper. ’”

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The time is unstoppably running, flowing and life and work of people departs to the past

As a young pastor
As a young pastor
photo: Archív pamätníka

Miloslav Blaho was born on October 15, 1926 in Necpaly, Martin district, to the parents John Blaho and Anna, née Matisová. After his birth, the parents moved to Žilina, where his father worked as a tailor and his mother as a housewife. Miloslav attended an elementary school in Žilina and then studied at a local grammar school. As a grammar school student he was involved in many activities of Lutheran youth gathered in the Evangelical Church Congregation in Žilina. For him this was a motivation for studying the evangelical theology at the Theological Faculty. After the successful graduation he continued studying psychology for two more years at the Slovak University (today´s Comenius University in Bratislava). In 1951 he was ordained an evangelical chaplain and sent to Martin, where he worked as a hospital´s chaplain for 2 years. In 1952 he got married to a high school professor Marta, née Ferjancová. Together they had two children, a son Miloslav and a daughter Marta. In 1953 Miloslav was transferred to Vlčany to work as an administrator of the Evangelical Church Congregation and subsequently to Púchov, where he worked as a senior chaplain for one year. In 1954 he was transferred to Zvolen and since 1955 until 1970 he was a pastor in Sása´s Evangelical Church Congregation. In 1970 he was deprived of the state consent for performing his ministry and he spent one year in the Evangelical Church Congregation Zemianska Olča. From 1971 until 1990 he worked as a pastor in the Evangelical Church Congregation Košeca. He completed his spiritual mission in the Evangelical Church Congregation Považská Bystrica in years 1990 - 2001. Within the period 1992 - 2001 he also ministered as a senior of Turčiansky seniorat (Conference) of the Evangelical Church of Augsburg Confession. Since 2001 he is retired and lives in his flat in Žilina.