RNDr. Ján Bencúr

* 1950

  • "My friend and I agreed that we have other more important subjects - academic and professional, and we'll just read this communist theory for oral exam briefly in the evening: look at some headlines, memorize basic concepts... And before the oral exam, I said: "Listen, to talk about politics, our tongue must be swift, we need a shot of rum and a cup of coffee. Rum for courage, coffee for attention. We came back and passed the exam with 1. So when it worked for communism theory, it shall work for politics. And with this friend, we did politics like that." 21:30 - 22:25

  • "Meciar came to the Ministry of the Interior, then Minister Pittner called us as deputies. I stood in the hallway and saw Meciar going and so thickly dressed, that we laughed that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, afraid that something could happen to him. He came to the Ministry of the Interior, as the prime minister again, to "put it back to order". I remember after the election, the HZDS party came to me that if I switch to HZDS and sign the application for HZDS, I can remain, deputy, nothing would change for me. I said: Boys, I want to be able to look in the mirror every morning, that's out of the question. " 1:31:50 - 1:33:05

  • "When we were meeting, we watched mainly how many people arrived. Yes, it was a general strike, but nobody knew how many people will come. But in the end, the whole factory arrived, the gates were opened and almost everyone arrived. Of course, also the gates of the local party district were opened and its functionaries were among us. So the party members don't know what to do, because some of them were my peers and I knew their values before they joined the party. It was pragmatic, it brought some advantages. I had seen many of these people standing around there." 1:03:33 - 1:04:24

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    Bratislava, 25.01.2019

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I want to be able to look in the mirror every morning

photo: pri ED natáčaní

Jan Bencur was born on April 2, 1950, in Dolny Kubin- Velky Bysterec. His father was formerly an entrepreneur, but after the rise of the communist regime, he was sent to Jachymov. In 1955, Jan started studying at the gymnasium in Dolny Kubin, since 1968 he started to study Chemistry and Biology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Comenius University in Bratislava, later he specialized in zoology. In 1974, he started to work at Orava Castle as castle administrator and biologist, in 1977 he switched to Protected Landscape Area Administration Horná Orava. In 1989 he participated in Velvet Revolution in Dolny Kubin. From 1990 to 1991 Head of the District Office in Dolny Kubin. From June 1991 to 1992, State Secretary of the Interior Minister Ladislav Pittner in the government of Ján Čarnogurský. Since September 1992 Director of the District Labor Office, later appointed again as the Head of the District Office in Dolný Kubín, Personnel Deputy of Texicom in Ružomberok, and in 2002 he became Deputy Mayor of Dolný Kubín and 2004 he became Personnel Director of the Labor, Social Affairs and Family. Since 2006, Jan worked in the area of personnel consulting. He is currently retired.