Mgr. Peter Bačkovský

* 1955

  • "The world opened up to young people, they were interested in living. So they didn't feel that much about the state and they didn't understand the conditions before 1989. Of course, young people want to enjoy life, want to travel, want to get to know each other. But do you see how many people are left out? Because after all, when it is a state on a level and there are no frog wars and it can take care of itself, it will be very difficult for the return to understand that it should come."

  • "If I didn't have ideals, I wouldn't have stood on the stage. And that was not easy. When I told my wife, I put on a turtleneck, take the essentials and say: I might not come home today. They amaze me. With such a dilemma I went. It was not easy then, no one knew how it would turn out tomorrow. The police had their hands free then and suppressed everything. Well, it turned out well in the end."

  • "We have it somewhat periodically. First, my father's sister left. You can imagine, a member of the party, a resistance fighter, and his youngest sister emigrates! That was in 1974. Then, my sister in 1984. So my comrades sent my father to Italy to he convinced her to go back to Slovakia. My father left, he was there, and when he came back, they came to him and asked: 'Well, Michal, what, when will he come?' And my father told them: 'If I were 15 years younger, I would stay there too.'"

  • "We are in the NHL of democratic societies. Although I think that after such slips, that Mečiar, and after what is now being shown... And when those things are confirmed, I don't know if we deserve to be in that the top European states. We have to do everything to reverse that bad policy, to return the rule of law to the legal plane, to give the citizen the opportunity to express himself on everything."

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    Košice, 12.08.2021

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If I didn’t have ideals, I wouldn’t go to the stage

Peter Bačkovský was born on October 12, 1955 in Giraltovce. Father Michal Bačkovský was in the resistance as a partisan during the Second World War. After the war, he was granted Article 255. He was a member of the KSS. Mother Mária Bačkovská came from a poor family and was raised as a Christian. Peter had three siblings. The older brother tragically died during his studies at the university in Žilina. One of the sisters emigrated to Italy in 1984. He graduated from primary school in Giraltovce. In Prešov, he later graduated from the high school of mechanical engineering and then the Faculty of Education. At first he worked as a laborer in associated production. In 1985, he moved with his wife to Trebišov, where he worked at a housing cooperative. After two years he started teaching. He worked as a teacher until 1989. During the Velvet revolution, he was involved in organizing meetings in Trebišov. After 1990, he worked as the director of the district school administration in Trebišov. After being dismissed from his position, he founds a private brewery in Sečovce. After it starts up, it is sold and returned to the state administration. In 2004, he became the director of the employment office in Trebišov. He was dismissed from his post after Robert Fico took over as Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic. In 2010, he became the head of the regional school office in Košice. During the second government of Róbert Fico, he was removed from office again. In 2018, he started working as the head of the education department within the Košice self-governing region. At the time of documentation, he was the deputy head of the education department, due to retirement age.