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Aung Naing Win (aka) Aung Jyan Myaing (* 1961)

Man who planted trees

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No. 20, Military Intelligence arrested Aung Naing Win (aka) Aung Jyan Myaing on 10 January 1991 for contacting with Burma Communist Party and interrogated in No.1, Police Detention, Mongywa by using various torture methods. Interrogation was done through various methods such as handcuffing his hand from the back and leaving without food and water, covering his face with hood, putting double-ply plastic bag over his head and letting him down by stopping air supply, putting baton on his chest when he was unconscious and fell down, kneeing down and sitting-ups on the gravel, playing cymbals near the ears and torturing until blood bleeding from ear and threatening. After interrogation in No.1 Police station, Mongywa, he was sent back to Yangon by train and he was taken without human dignity as the chain was used to connect his handcuffs to the seat. He was again interrogated in No.6, Intelligence, Yay Kyi Eain, Yangon and sentenced in May by Court-Martial. Charge at the Court-Martial was not done in compliance with legal provisions and his family was not allowed to meet him. He was sentenced by reading enclosed court order of (7) years imprisonment. He was put in 6 inches leg-cuffs for singing on his first day in prison. He spent more than (5) years and (8) months in prison and he could not find the job when he was released. Finally, he opens a book lending store and continues his life without marrying.

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