Božena Agelová

* 1925

  • "In the evening we always met and sang along. And that was the only thing that kept us going. So the songs were always catchy and we learned and copied them, because there was nothing Czech. So we were happy who came and told us a song so we could learn and sing it. It was our only fun. And we went swimming in the river. Otherwise, we didn't have much fun."

  • "There was much hunger. Then they placed the families that were homeless, without a roof over their heads. Where there was a place in the house, they had to be taken in. And even if they didn't want to, they had to stay. Because it really didn't work out otherwise. As we had to provide ratios on behalf of the Reich, then everything from agriculture was to be provided too after the coup."

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    Opava, 17.10.2019

    duration: 50:34
    media recorded in project The Stories of Our Neigbours
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She escaped historical moments thanks to the village and agriculture

Božena Agelová as a growing-up girl
Božena Agelová as a growing-up girl
photo: Archiv Boženy Agelové

Božena Agelová, née Klapetková, was born on May 1, 1925 in Jamnice near Opava. She spent her youth during the Second World War, when she could not study. After the war, when she was twenty, she began to study embroidery and drawing, but her father did not let her pass on to the second year, so she stayed at home. She married at the age of 26 and moved to Albrechtice with her husband, after four years they returned to Jamnice. She worked in agriculture all her life.