Vladimír Věříš

* 1944  

  • “Well, I guess someone came from the basic organization of the Communist Party, the chief was there and discussed the views. We definitely must have lied in this respect that we agreed with fraternal help, whoever said to have disagreed was to be punished and went immediately indeed. That was not allowed to be said, everyone knew that. But otherwise nothing, so another colleague had a sister in Switzerland and so on, I say, these little things could go through. So it was crucial that no one said to be against fraternal help.”

  • “At half past one the motorcyclist arrived, it was summer, the windows were open, so we just screamed at each other; that I should come immediately to the office in Karlak, because back then we served in today's New Town Hall. So I got dressed and off I went. There was no public transport, so I walked to Karlák. There I learned what was happening. It was strange to me that the planes were flying as I was coming from Brevnov, so the route was a bit off - that they were flying to Ruzyně, because no other plane was flying at night at that time. Well, I learned it in Karlak. The emergency was announced, we lay down on the table or under the table wherever we could, and we slept until the morning. And since there was a threat of shooting, the management decided that instead of the usual leaving at half past five at some intersection, so that we would all come out at seven o'clock.”

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There was a good atmosphere at on the interrogator´s office

Vladimír Věříš in 2019
Vladimír Věříš in 2019
photo: Během natáčení

Vladimír Věříš was born on 5 October 1944 in Prague. He comes from a left-winged family, his father Václav worked in the post office, his mother Antonie, née Lukešová, looked after four children. After graduating from the Secondary Technical School of Nuclear Technology, he joined the soda factory in Neštěmice, but wanted to continue his studies. In 1965 he joined Public Security - not least because he was given the opportunity to study law at the Faculty. On August 21, 1968, on the day of the invasion of the Warsaw Pact troops into Czechoslovakia, he, in the position of a traffic policeman, stopped a tank convoy heading from Palmovka to Žižkov for two hours. On August 23, 1968, he witnessed a manifestation of crowd psychosis in the center of Prague in Na příkopě Street, where the crowd surrounded a car that was mistakenly believed to belong to the State Security. In a situation where the car crew was probably going to get lynched, Vladimír Věříš intervened and ensured its retreat to safety. He ended his career in Public Security in 1974, pursuing his legal education in his next career.