Vlastimil Úlehla

* 1925  

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Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you

Vlastimil Úlehla in Scout uniform (Hulín, 1947)
Vlastimil Úlehla in Scout uniform (Hulín, 1947)
photo: archiv pamětníka

Vlastimil Úlehla was born in Hulín on November 25, 1925. In 1940 he finished primary school and in 1942 a business school in Přerov. He could not continue in his studies under the Nazi administration. In 1942, he started work as an assistant to a typist at the municipal offices in Hulín. Thanks to this job, he managed to avoid being conscripted into forced labor. Towards the end of the war the 19-years-old Vlastimil was named assistant of the air raid crew and operated a siren that warned of bombing runs. During a bombardment of Hulín on April 16, 1945 eight people died and additional five people were seriously injured. Vlastimil had to visit the relatives of the deceased and inform them of their loss. After the war ended he enrolled in and graduated with a matura from a business academy in Přerov. After graduation, he worked at the local sugar mill. In 1953 he married Bohuslava Kubíčková. They have two daughters Věra and Vlasta. In 1971 Vlastimil Úlehla started work at a sugar mill in Staré Město where he was in charge of logistics and where he worked until retirement. In the 1980s he kept the Hulín town chronicle.