Milada Tkáčová, rod. Kryšpínová

* 1921  

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After 1968, we looked at the whole republic, how pretty it is, and we went nowhere

Wedding 1951 in Prague
Wedding 1951 in Prague
photo: Lucia Stankovská Fričová

Milada Tkáčová (born Kryšpínová) was born in 1921 in Prague. She studied at the Girls’ Real Grammar School and graduated in 1940. She devoted herself to singing and playing the piano and wanted to enter the theater. However, after the declaration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939, Czech theaters began to close. After the war she worked at the Film Institute in Prague as a secretary. In 1951 she married Alexander Tkáč and moved to Bratislava. She worked as a documentary filmmaker at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. As a respected scientist, her husband did not sign the approval of the entry of Soviet troops in August 1968 and as a result, he was forbidden to teach or publish. Milada translated his books and scripts into German and English and sent them for publication abroad. She has also led the Society for Science and the Arts and is still a member of honor. She has three children. Today she is retired and lives in Bratislava.