Antonín Svoboda

* 1938

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Aleš Kaprál told my daddy: Run away if you can!

mlysnář Svoboda za mlada – kopie.jpeg (historic)
Antonín Svoboda
photo: současné Mikuláš Kroupa, dobové archiv pamětníka, sbírka Post Bellum

Antonín Svoboda was born in 1938 in Brno. His family had a mill in the valley near Mokrá. As the neighbours of  bussinessman Aleš Kaprál and his family, they were witnesses of how Kaprál‘s family estate was devastated at the end of the war. During the war Mr. Svoboda’s father used to supply partizans and often had to hide from German secret police. After communistic putsch in 1948 their family property was confiscated. They had to stop working in their mill and in other ways were persecuted by the communistic regime.