Stanislav (Станислав)

* 1983  

  • “In the past it didn't scare me, on the contrary, it convinced me that the current regime was worse than fascism. As the fascists used to destroy foreign nations, while our regime goes against its own people, who it is obliged to protect by all laws and regulations. So the question whether the OMON riot police would join the protesters is a complicated one. As they stand knee-deep in blood already. So they will just beat us till the last man standing.”

  • “I owe a great deal to all those doctors who managed to fix me in my condition and even had sympathy for me. The deputy senior doctor greeted me, saying: 'Long live Belarus, Sasha!' The senior doctor had to move me from the intensive care to a regular ward but he didn't do it on purpose. Even when I was begging him to let me go as I felt like in solitary confinement. He told me that they were asking about me and that at the intensive care unit they couldn't arrest me and put me to jail.”

  • “I heard sirens from the other side of the avenue as traffic police and this police van went by. After they pulled over this group of 'astronauts' came jumping out of the van, I suppose they were the 'Almaz' unit, Belarus' Ministry of Interior special forces as they had their base not far from there. And I was joking: 'Come on, comrades, let's help our policemen!' And we joined this group of people protesting, there were thirty, maybe forty of us. People were behaving in quite a normal manner, they didn't attack the police, they didn't throw anything at them, they just stood there chanting the usual Belarusian slogans like 'Throw away your shields and join the people.' After maybe five minutes, those shields parted and the first shot was heard. I saw this man going down, maybe just five or seven meters from me. We were in a state of shock, was it that easy to shoot people just like that? I didn't do anything to give them any reason to shoot at me. I just yelled: 'You are acting like animals, why would you do that?' The shields parted again and they started shooting at me. So I turned and started walking away, so they shot me again in the back.”

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That’s us, the unbelievable Belorussians

photo: Praha

Stanislav was born in 1983 in the city of Slonim in Grodno Oblast, Belarus, in the then Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic. His mother came from a peasant family from the village of Parfenovichi in Mostovskoy District of Grodno Oblast. She had been working as a seamstress at the Artisan Craft Factory in Slonim. His father, career soldier, died in an accident in 1987. Alexander has an elder sister. He did athletics at primary school. Since 1998 he had been studying at a boarding school for future Olympic athletes in Vitebsk, graduating with honors in 2003. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Sports in Minsk in 2008. After that, he had to work as an athlete coach in the city of Slonim for two years. Later he moved to Minsk, working for several companies. He joined peaceful protests after the August 9th 2020 presidential election results had been announced. He was shot twice by OMON riot police men. He underwent two surgeries at the No. 4 Hospital in Minsk. He came to the Czech Republic for rest and recovery.