Edeltraud Slabáková

* 1940  

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I had to come back from school through ditches

Edeltraud Molzerová (Slabáková)
Edeltraud Molzerová (Slabáková)
photo: archiv pamětníka

Edeltraud Slabáková, née Molzerová, was born on 26 January, 1940 in Oskava to the parents of German nationality. Only half a year after she was born her father, Karel Molzer, who worked as a dyeing master in a local textile business, joined the Wermacht. He took part in the fights in the Netherlands, in the Soviet Union heading to Moscow and battles in France after the Allies disembarkation in Normandy. There he also suffered major injuries and lost a kidney and a part of liver. After several months in a hospital he returned back home in March 1945. Due to the father´s work expertize the family was not enlisted for resettlement of Germans in 1946. The parents lost most of their friends and acquaintance and several time requested the authorities for additional departure for Germany. Yet they always received a negative reply due to the father´s employment. For the German nationality the witness was bullied by certain pupils in school and in the village she received a negative review regarding further studies at the High School of Economics. At the age of fifteen she started working in Moravolen Šumperk. In 1960 she married Miroslav Slabák, with whom she later had three daughters; Iva, Miroslava and Petra. Then the family moved to Zábřeh, where the witness worked as seamstress until retirement in TKG Zábřeh. In 2018 she still lived in Zábřeh.