Zlata Seidlová

* 1931  

  • "There was much firing, it was quite terrible, because the Germans hid wherever they could, even on the lofts and fired from there. We built barricades, but when we saw the tanks arriving, it was useless, because the tanks were passing as if nothing was happening. When maybe they set up electricity directly in the town, it was already... But we dug only stones in Žižkov or Vinohrady or pulled all sorts of planks and such things that they wouldn't pass on the main street. But it was as if nothing was happening, it was all good."

  • "We woke up at night and I heard such a terrible rumble in Bor, we didn't know what it was, what was happening. I'm still feeling the freeze today, because it was something unusual. We didn't find out until the next day. But If I were to participate and run somewhere at the time, I did not want to do so. I had a family, and to run to Václavák and watch something... If they were shooting, we only saw it later on TV."

  • "We lived under Flora, it was in Vinohrady and Zizkov. All the houses, just as they were in a kind of a square, always the house in the middle fell down. It was horrible. We happened to be home; it was during the day. Mom caught us and put us between the doors, which were reinforced in case something happened. I'm still feeling the freeze today. First, they were honking, then the beats and all. That was terrible. I was 14, my sister was two years older and my brother was two years younger, so it was so scary for us, you could say."

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    Nový Bor, 28.11.2019

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Everyone practiced in the Spartakiada parade – the small, fat, and thin ones too

In 1970s
In 1970s
photo: archiv pamětníka

Zlata Seidlová, née Zoubková, was born on August 24, 1931 in Nový Bor. In 1936 she moved with her family to Prague, where she experienced bombing in February 1945. At the age of thirteen, in May of the same year, she helped building barricades during the Prague Uprising. After the liberation, the family moved back to the border. In Nový Bor, she witnessed the expulsion of the German population. In 1955 and 1960 she took part in the Spartakiada parade in Strahov.