Otakar Seidl

* 1947  

  • "When I grew up in Prysk, in that village not far from here, a lot of people moved there, from Mělník and Moravia, they moved here. Someone stayed here and they already lived here with us in the village, but there were also those who came here, looted barracks for the Germans and left again, that happened here as well."

  • "Well, why did I join the Communist Party… I joined in about 1980, when I just came to the church, so after about two years I joined the Communist Party. Because my superiors asked me, of course, all the other colleagues were on the side as well, so why wouldn't I join in too, right?”

  • "Well, I was in the military service at the time. So I was already quite experienced, we were supposed to end our military service, but as Soviet troops came here, they extended the service for us by about three months. We didn't know about it at all, nor did our superiors, the commanders, know at all that the Soviet army had invaded here with the other armies. Well, everyone was flabbergasted; we didn't know what to think, all of a sudden... Now we saw the Soviet planes landing in Prague on the television, and there was a boy from Prague with me and he was crying, he was crying normally, he was out of it ... Because he had his parents in Prague, and now that it was seen how the Russian soldiers rolled in here again with tanks, with everything, he was crying so much. I served in Třeboň, it's down south, and the troops invaded here too, but then it took them a few days to get down there, to the Southern Bohemia. They did not immediately occupy the entire territory, it took a day or two to get down there. Well, what could we do, so the commander always said, 'Look, boys, you go out at night and turn road signs pointing the arrows differently, so that the Soviet soldiers are confused and don't know their whereabouts.' 'Because they didn't know where they were, so we walked at night and turned the signs upside down to confuse them a little."

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    Nový Bor, 22.12.2020

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All my friends went to Security, so I we tried it too

Otakar Seidl was born on May 11, 1947 in Nový Bor, his mother came from Slovakia, his father was from Moravia. The family lived in the village of Prysk. The family came to the north of Bohemia to work in glassworks. My father recalled watching in February 1945 the bombing of Dresden about sixty kilometers away from Varnsdorf. Otakar Seidl completed a double class in Prysk and trained as a mechanical locksmith in Varnsdorf. He worked for ten years in TOS in Česká Kamenice. In 1966, he joined the military service in Třeboň, where he experienced the invasion of Warsaw Pact troops in August 1968. Even their commanders did not know about the planned invasion. At night, they used to turn the signs to prevent foreign soldiers from orienting themselves. In 1976 he joined the National Security Corps (SNB), first as a patrol service. He was attracted by a higher salary and the possibility of obtaining an apartment, which also happened after two years and the family could move to Nový Bor. In 1980, following urging of his bosses and colleagues, he joined the Communist Party, and he claims to have had no problem with. He remembers the Prague actors who had weekend cottages in the vicinity, such as Vlasta Chramostová, Jaroslav Satoranský or Vlastimil Brodský, and who were guarded by the State Security. Several times they tried to persuade him to cooperate with the State Security, but each time he refused. He worked for the SNB until 1989, when he joined the newly transformed police. He kept working there until he retired in 2005. He has four children and lives in Nový Bor.