Ing. Tomáš Sabáček

* 1936

  • "In those 80 years, or in those 75 that I remember and have memories, many things happened in my life. 'There were political and war breaks. I've lived enough. When I recapitulate my life, the Bible says that everyone gets their silver treasure to start their lives. And this treasure should be treated well. I've always tried that. And my main principle was that I would never exchange my Christian faith at any cost. And the second rule was given to us by our mother when she told us on her sixtieth birthday that the best gift for her would be to promise her not to join the Communist Party. And we really did it. Also, her grandchildren and their partners did not join the Communist Party. And we think it's right.”

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    Znojmo, 22.02.2016

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Never lose your charisma

military training in Jaroměř, 1959
military training in Jaroměř, 1959
photo: soutěž

Tomáš Sabáček was born on September 20, 1936 in Vacenovice in the Slovácko region as the fifth son of a family owning a small farm. His whole life was marked by the political situation in Europe. Although he was born during the First Republic, he remembers events from the time of the war, post-war, the rise and fall of communism, the Velvet Revolution and, in his words, the post-revolutionary disappointment, which is slowly receding from his mind. He recalls the post-war settlement around Znojmo, the student period of the 1950s and the ideological changes at the Redentorist grammar school in Libějovice u Vodňan, which was closed by the communists, as well as later studies at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. He worked in the ceramics factory in Znojmo, resisted recruitment to the Communist Party three times, held Christian ideals all his life and spent 52 years in a harmonious marriage with six grandchildren.