Miloš Raveane

* 1924

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Our boss in the Baťa company stood up against the labour office

Miloš Raveane was born on December 3, 1924 in Brno and he grew up in the small town of Rosice where his father worked as a miner and his mother ran a small grocery shop. After completing higher elementary school, Miloš worked in a glassworks for a short time, and then in 1940 he was admitted to the Baťa’s School of Work in Zlín. He worked in the power plant there and thanks to his superiors he managed to evade the threat of being sent to Germany to do forced labour there. In autumn 1944 Miloš experienced an air raid in Zlín and subsequently he was helping with reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure. He spent the end of the war at home in Rosice. In 1946 he was drafted to do his basic military service in Jihlava. He met his future wife there and he remained in Jihlava afterwards. For many years he played a soccer in Jihlava at the competitive level.