Miloslav Rálek

* 1948

  • "These were people from Strojexport, both at embassies and at construction sites. Before that, the Olomouc transport works were already working there, they were building highways in Libya. We built apartment buildings for them there. There was a contract and we did a lot. We lived in a panel factory where they made panels for those houses. First the basics. These were the new Arsen-Nielsen necks. Formwork was made on the foundations in the ground and concrete was poured there. I personally did the sewage system. Rainwater and sewage - and when I had nothing to do, I poured concrete."

  • "And what was left of the farm?" - "The unified agriculture cooperative members took it. They wanted my parents to join to the JZD, but they didn't. They were old - and the uncle himself in JZD? What would he do there with the members? They took everything from that farm. The members of JZD took it all. They occupied everything. They took over the barn, the cowshed, the stables, they just left the house to my grandfather and grandmother. They let it all go to ruin, lime, everything.'

  • "When we were little, we used to go there without any problems. Then the regime started to take our property from us. Comrades, neighbors began to join the Communists. Our grandmother and grandfather from Hrusice were against it. They were private entrepreneurs and went to church. Grandma ironed all kinds of napkins for the parish priest for the church. They were against it and then the communists took everything from them too. Horses, machines, a thresher, a mower, ten cows, goats, pigs, chickens, everything was there and they took it all away. I was young at the time, I don't remember, but I remember that suddenly, my uncle came home to the house and everyone hugged him, and he came back from Příbram from the prison. He must have said something to them when they were occupying it, said something to some guy, or slapped him, and they arrested him."

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He did not join the party, he remembered how his grandparents lost everything

Miloslav Rálek on his favorite motorcycle in 1968
Miloslav Rálek on his favorite motorcycle in 1968
photo: archive of the witness

Miloslav Rálek was born on October 24, 1948 in the now defunct maternity hospital in Štvanice. His father, Karel Rálek, was a member of the Communist Party and worked as a designer at the Ministry of Agriculture, while his mother, Miloslava, came from a rich family of farmers from Hrusice. After 1948, his grandparents’ property was confiscated by the unified agricultural cooperative (JZD), and his uncle František Černý worked for half a year in the uranium mines in Příbram. Miloslav Rálek grew up in Horní Počernice and trained to be a plumber. In 1967, he joined Průmstav, where he worked for over twenty years. He spent the whole of 1982 building housing units in Tripoli, Libya.