Captain Cecílie Petrolínová

* 1920  †︎ 2015

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You would need to go to Siberia. All of you

Cecílie as a lieutenant
Cecílie as a lieutenant
photo: Rodinný archív

  Cecílie Petrolínová (her original name was Veselína Mušková) was born June 12, 1920 in Carpathian Ruthenia. She became an orphan when she was four years old. She wanted to become a nurse, but in 1939 her country became occupied by Hungarians and Germans and she and her brother fled to the USSR, where she expected to find a ‘paradise on earth.’ They were arrested immediately after crossing the border and sent to a gulag. She eventually got out of there after joining the battalion of general Svoboda. She worked in the battalion’s warfront dressing station and she followed the army via Bílá Cerekev, Kiev and Dukla. General Svoboda later arranged for her to study a nursing school in Prague. When she became a Czech citizen she also had to adopt a Czech name and she thus became Cecílie. She married Miloš Petrolín from Prague, who worked as a cameraman in the Barrandov studios. They moved to Slivenec together. She refused to join the Communist Party and as a result she worked at the garbage dump in Slivenec for the following nineteen years.