JUDr. Alojz Petríček

* 1926

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“It is necessary to be uncompromising only in big things. Do not belittle the world or your life.” Karel Čapek

Alojz Petríček, photography
Alojz Petríček, photography
photo: archív pamätníka

Alojz Petríček was born on March 18, 1926, in Beluša, a village in Považie, as the tenth child of his parents. He attended the folk school, the called “Masaryk primary school”, in his native village. Later, he also attended middle school here. From September 1938, he studied at the church gymnasium in Trenčín. He survived the Second World War here and after that, he graduated from the 2nd State Gymnasium. From 1946 he studied law at the Faculty of Law of Comenius University (UK) in Bratislava, where he was also caught by the communist regime. After successfully completing his studies, he joined the Heavy Engineering Plant (ZŤS) in Martin. From 1952 to 1964, he was elected chairman of the racing club for culture and from 1964 he worked in physical education. He currently lives in retirement in Martin.