Josef Očenášek

* 1925

  • "I took that officer home, he slept in our house just in the hay. Mother gave him duvets and I supplied him with food. I got into it as a forester. There was a shortage of wood, oak wood had to be given to the Germans, because they drove cars that ran on wood gas . And I was an apprentice, and when the gamekeeper died, I worked as a gamekeeper and for the wood I got food, meat and everything, so I could supply. And I kept him until April 20, 1945."

  • "Then I was walking through the forest and suddenly two guys. They Gestapo had leather coats, three-quarter jackets. One came from the front, the other from behind and in German asked me to give them the rifle. So I gave it to them and said to myself that I will go. Somewhere , he grabbed me, pushed me to the side of the road, a car came, they loaded me up and I was already in Brno. I got paid, they beat me badly, they even knocked out my teeth. So I wonder how long I'll be here. And in they came for me at two o'clock in the morning, and each said to the other: 'I will take him to the yard and blow him with water.' And when I heard that they wanted to shoot me, I only told them that I knew German: 'Ich verstehe alles gut' - that I understand everything well."

  • "I met with him (I knew that his dad was guarding in Lutín, so I would get to the point of rescuing the prisoner and that officer Voroshilov). So I pulled myself together, went to him and said: 'You, Karl, listen, we went to school together, are you still German?' And he said: 'I'm German, but the Germans will lose, so you have to stand up for me after the war.' I say: 'Well, I'll stand up for you, but I need from you something. when I come to that Lutín, i need your dad to act like he did not know me, and I would go around the gate and throw the medicines to the prisoners. (I got them from Dr. Ehrmann)."

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They came for me and one said to the other: lets take him to the yard and shoot him down

J. Očenášek
J. Očenášek
photo: natáčení PNS 2016

Josef Očenášek was born on May 3, 1925 in Laškov. At the age of fifteen, he went to Náměšt na Hané to work as a forester. In his new place of work, he soon joined the resistance. He converted partisans and supplied information on the movements of German patrols. As a forester, he knew the terrain around Náměšť very well and had all the prerequisites for such an activity. Later, he delivered medicine to prisoners, kept wanted persons at home, and in the last few months before the end of the war, he took care of a Russian officer, for whom he found food in exchange for wood obtained in the forest. After the war, he worked until 1947 at the estate of the Lobkowicz family at Vintířov Castle.