Anita Tyszkowska-Grymin

* 1952

“It is so easy to say now that you are not afraid. It is also a question for whom you are responsible. A thing that is rarely mentioned. It is very easy not to be afraid, to be led out in handcuffs (...) but if you are not responsible for anyone, it is completely different. However, if you have small children, sick parents, the situation is completely different. Sometimes, when I heard the opinion that that one was nasty, I felt like biting. Because I remembered that those people had a small sick child”.

She was born in 1952 in Wrocław. Graduate of the University of Wrocław, Master of Polish Studies. In the years 1977-1982, a researcher at the Institute of Political Sciences of the University of Wrocław, specialising in press studies. In January 1982, her right to teach was revoked and she was removed from the Institute, from the end of 1982 to 1990, an employee of the University Library. Since September 1980, she has been a member of “Solidarity”, advisor to the Regional Board for PR matters. Co-worker and columnist of the “Komunikaty”, magazine of the University’s works committee of NSZZ Solidarność. After martial law was declared, she was hiding from the police and the Security Service. Since 1982, she cooperated with the underground Radio “Solidarity” and underground publishing houses both as an author and as a translator of non-censored Russian literature, including Josif Brodsky and Natalia Gorbaniewska, as well as s-f literature, including Kira Blyuchow. She has been detained, interrogated and searched for many times. From 1990 to the present day, she works as a press journalist