Agnieszka Sidorska

* 1956

“I dreamt of this and hoped very much that I would live to see the communist system collapse with my own eyes. But that it will be so soon, I did not expect that”.

born on 30 November 1956 in Łęczyca near Łódź. In 1979, she graduated from a high school in Wrocław. Since September 1980, she has been a member of “Solidarity”; a full-time employee of the Inter-company Founding Committee in Wrocław, editor of the independent weekly magazine “Solidarność Dolnośląska” and head of the readers’ communication department. After martial law was declared, she took part in a strike at the Pafawag State Wagon Factory in Wrocław (14-15 December 1981); after pacification of the factory in hiding; dismissed from work. An associate of the management of RKS “Solidarity” Lower Silesia. Editor and publisher of the underground edition of the “Solidarność Dolnośląska” weekly. Detained in March 1982, interned at the Retreat Centre in Gołdap. Arrested on 4 May 1982, sentenced in July to three years in prison. From mid-September 1982 to March 1983 on medical leave, in March 1983 parole with a three-year probationary period. In 1983-1988 she worked as a medical statistician in the Provincial Hospital Complex in Wrocław. She continued to participate in various forms of opposition activity, and was detained many times. 1989-1990 employee of the “Solidarity” Region Board, organizer of distribution. Since 1990 she worked in the book and publishing industry. She was awarded the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2010).