Jindřich Nahodil

* 1929  †︎ 2016

  • „In our case it was a mistake that too many people knew about it and the more people know, the worse it gets. This one added this and the other one that, it was proven that it could not happen that way and only then they began to squeeze us...“

  • „People disappointed us as we expected the fall of regime due to not only foreign broadcasting, and everyone encouraged it, the Voice of America or the Free Europe. It looked like they´ll step against communism. And it gave us hope that our work will not be in vain. Though of course we looked critically on Ladislav Malý and his actions, we did what we were asked for. I never participated in any violent actions, and I already spoke about the money.“

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    Zborovského 17, Třebíč, 27.05.2015

    duration: 46:49
    media recorded in project Stories of 20th Century
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We expected the fall of regime, but it was all in vain...

Jindřich Nahodil was born in 1929 in Loukovice near Třebíč. His parents had a farm and the witness had to help out every day. He went to a single class school in Loukovice and then an agricultural school in Jaroměřice. That was his only education. Witness´ uncle, Antonín Plichta, got engaged in anti-communist group under the lead of Ladislav Malý. In their activity even Jindřich Nahodil started to help them, mostly with small services as a messenger or various arranging. After murdering three communist functionaries in Babice there was a large arresting and even the witness was arrested. In the following process he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. He was in jails in Mírov, worked in Jáchym mines and was set free in 1962 from Valdice. Later he had various manual jobs and worked in unqualified professions until his retirement.