Dana Ivanivna Lisova

* 1940

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Life is better now, although we don’t have much

Dana Ivanovna Lisova, née Miško, was born on December 3, 1940 in the city of Dubno, Rovno Oblast, in the then Soviet Union. Her father, Ivan, was of Polish nationality and fought in the Red Army during the Second World War. He went missing after the war, yet in the end it had transpired that he stayed in Poland. He contacted Dana Ivanovna via the Red Cross and they met for the first time in 1957. Her mother was Ukrainian and she remarried some time after her husband had left. Dana Ivanovna recalls Ukrainian insurgents, as well as the Kašpars, a Czech family that had been sheltering Jews. After the war, the witness graduated from elementary school and worked in a textile factory. Currently she has been living in Dubno in Rovno Oblast in West Ukraine.