Ludmila Kunová

* 1929

  • "When Dresden were bombed, it was terrible, it was night and we in Krásný Březno saw the glow over the hill. When they bombed Leipzig, our windows were shaking. And then it came to us. On April 17, a raid was also reported. I was already working at the factory. We were allowed to run home We lived next door. There was a pre-alarm and then there was a sharp warning. It took a long time and we thought it would be nothing again.They flew and suddenly vžuuuu and bang! But we heard the masonry pouring. We thought it was right next door. And imagine it was in Ústí! We climbed out and we were surprised that everything was untouched. "

  • The Czech school was closed and we suddenly had to go to a German school. There were a lot of us. Whoever could, tried to escape, e.g. peope who had relatives inland. We were purely from Krasne Brezno, so we had nowhere to go. There were a lot of us Czechs in Krásný Březno. There were eight Czech girls only in my fourth grade. It was terrible. We came to school, the teacher didn't ask us if we understood or not. He wrote an article on the board, which we were supposed to copy. But it was in kurent. I was so unhappy! The teacher wouldn't let me go until I completed copying it. I was at that school until half past one. I came home crying. It was terrible. I cried when I went to that school, every morning I begged my mother not to let me go to that school. But my mother kindly explained to me that I had to go there, or that they would lock her up. "

  • "I walked through the gate of the fighters, I have goosebumps ... I walked through the gate of the fighters like a nineteen-year-old member of Sokol. And when I got in there and saw the huge stadium, I can't describe it. And when we were at the Spartakiad, we did not walk through the gate of the fighters but through the southern gate. Once you feel the Strahov mark under your feet, you won't forget. My daughter discovered my Sokol blouse and I practiced in that blouse. When we had the annoual gettogether, it was raining and the stadium was covered in yellow sand. As I have threwn my leg upwards I splashed the woman in front of me with it. And at the moment, I have also felt sand hitting my back. We were unable to wash it!"

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    Ústí nad Labem, 05.11.2021

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During the raids on Germany, the windows in Krásný Březno shook

Ludmila Kunova in 1930, historical photograph
Ludmila Kunova in 1930, historical photograph
photo: archiv pamětníka

Ludmila Kunová, née Kandová, was born on July 19, 1929 in Krásný Březno near Ústí nad Labem. During the occupation of the Sudetenland by the Germans, she had to attend a German school. During the war, she cared for a sick mother and thus escaped work duties in Germany. In 1945, she perceived the bombing of Dresden and Ústí nad Labem. After the war, she joined the local post office. In 1948 she participated in the XI. All-Sokol Rally. In 1951, she married local barber Ladislav Kuna. They had three children. The first two died a few hours after birth, the third daughter Hana was born healthy. At the post office, she experienced the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968. In 1985, she trained just before retiring at the last Spartakiad in Strahov, Prague. Ludmila lived an apolitical, family life. In 2021 she lived in a home for the elderly in Krásný Březno. The story of the witness could be recorded thanks to the support of the Ústí Region.